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Gin's Auto also provides a line of Uhaul products to help assist in the moving process for our valued customers.  However, certain times of the month/year can be busy with our Uhaul products,  especially 3 day holiday weekends, so booking  as far as you can in advance is highly recommended.

moving tips


10 Helpful Moving Tips

Moving can be hectic enough but if you don't have the correct supplies or tools to help assist in the moving madness, it can become that much more frustrating. At Gin's, we do carry some supplies and tools to make the job easier but it's best to check on availability when booking your UHAUL vehicle.

1) Move on a weekday when banks, utilities and government offices are open. U-Haul locations also offer a lower per mile rate on weekdays.

2)If you're moving locally, leave the power and water on at your old address a few extra days so you can go back and clean up after your move.

3) Purchase boxes and other supplies 2-4 weeks before your move.

4) Choose a packing room ahead of time and box up a few things each day.

5) Use moving labels to mark each box with its contents and destination room.

6) If you’re moving out of town, secure a storage unit nearby. Check out Alta Sierra Storage, a couple doors down from us, This guarantees you plenty of room upon arrival.

7) If moving locally, leave your pets with a friend on moving day. Animals can become confused and frightened during a move.

8) Allow for extra braking room when driving a moving truck. Anticipate stops and allow a 3-second gap between you and the vehicle in front of you.

9) U-Haul moving trucks require up to 12 feet of overhead clearance. Watch out for drive-thru restaurant and motel over-hangs.

10) And most of all,  drive safe!